How to Conclude an Oral Presentation

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The conclusion to an oral presentation can enhance the entire performance. When you are finished with a successful presentation, you will be surprised at how good you feel. You can take pride in what you have accomplished, and your audience will reward you with applause and congratulations. Below you will find steps that will help you achieve a successful conclusion to a presentation.

*If you have prepared handouts with data for the audience, pass them out when you finish.

*If the situation permits a question-and-answer period, announce it at the beginning of your presentation. Then, when you finish, ask for questions. Be sure to set a time limit for questions and answers.

* Although the speaker may hear the question, audience members often do not. Begin each answer with a repetition of the question. This also gives you thinking time. Then, direct your answer to the entire audience.

*You can use your answers to restate your primary ideas. Avoid becoming defensive when answering questions.

*Do not allow one individual to take over. Keep the entire audience involved.

*To signal the end of the presentation before the last question, say something like “We have time for one last question”. As you answer the last question, try to work it into a summary of your main points.

*Express appreciation to the audience for the opportunity to talk with them.

Tips & Warnings

  • An oral presentation requires attention to content and strategy.
  • Make sure that the presentation is honest and ethical.
  • Never add deception to an oral presentation.
  • Down-playing another person, company, or product usually gives an audience the wrong idea.
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