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Chunkit! works with your favorite websites such as Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, et cetera to help you search within the pages of your engine’s results to find your search terms in context. You can then preview the resulting “chunks” for whether they have anything to do with what you searched without clicking on the actual page. Also, you don’t have to juggle between pages. With Chunk it, you will see both websites side by side.


If you used google, for example, one side would be excerpts from all of the websites that came up on google (the ChunkIt! side), and other other side would be the actual google search engine with its results.

So let’s break it down:

Let’s say I want to do a paper on whether intelligence is inherited or not. First I would type the same thing I would type in google into the ChunkIt! toolbar search engine.


Next wait for Chunkit! to load the search results from google (if you have set google as your default search engine, this can be chosen when Chunkit! is installed)


Highlight the information you would like a better look at. (Information highlighted in blue) When you click on the information following each area you will be taken to where that content is on the page without having to scan the entire document for your relevant information


Thus, you save lots of time by not having to click on the links and read or scan the entire page for the information relevant to what you are searching for.

There you go! You are now able to better control exactly what you are looking for.

Happy Chunking!


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