How to control your drinking habit

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A drinking habit is something that can creep up on you without you realising. What starts out as weekend drinks with friends can turn into a more regular habit. Whereas a glass of wine or bottle of beer a night isn’t going to do you all that much damage, if it progresses to a bottle of wine or more or several bottles of beer, it may be time to admit that you have a drinking habit. Before it develops into a real case of alcoholism, during which your entire life is taken over by alcohol, here are some tips to control your drinking habit.

Don’t keep alcohol in the house

If your habit is to come home from work, open a bottle of alchol and drink a glass, then try to refrain from having alcohol in the house at all. Once you have returned home from work, the chances are you won’t want to go out again. And if you get into the habit of not having alcohol in the house, it will become more and more of a habit not to drink. Of course, you may need to ensure that other family members do the same.

Try to keep drinking to weekends

Stop treating alcohol as a crutch to get through life. If you find yourself able to get through the day only with the thought of alcohol at the end of it, then there is something wrong with your life and you need to try and find a way through without it. Once you are able to get through the week without drinking, then you know you are on the way to breaking your habit. If you don’t want to stop drinking completely, then drink at weekends by all means, but keep week days as a no-go zone.

Stop drinking completely

If you are really becoming concerned about your drinking habit, then it may be time to stop drinking completely. If the thought of this horrifies you, then try setting yourself a target of a week without alcohol. You may find yourself willing to continue once you have reached the end of the week and before you know it, you will be calling yourself teetotal. This may not be necessary, but listen to your body and follow what it says.

Replace drinking time with something else

If drinking has become commonplace in the evenings, you may need to find something to replace it while you are watching the television or talking to family members. You almost certainly have hobbies. Throw yourself into them, or take up new ones. Something to do with your hands is a good idea – perhaps knitting or writing, anything to take your mind off what you would really like to be doing.

Seek the support of family members

There is no point setting goals for yourself if you are still going to have to watch your significant other drinking away. However strong your willpower, at some point you are going to give in and have a sip, which could turn into much more. Then again, if you work together, you can encourage one another and think of ways to take your mind off alcohol. Share your plans with wider family members too, so that no-one is surprised when you turn down the offer of a drink.

Look after your health

If you are feeling well, the chances that you will turn to alcohol to get through life are lessened. Make sure your diet is varied and full of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Think about what you are putting in your body and remind yourself that alcohol is a poison. Exercise will also make you feel better, and the feel-good endorphins that are released will make you much less likely to want to turn to a drink.

Seek help for depression

If you are drinking because your life is troubled in some way, then you need to try to nip it in the bud. Face up to what is bothering you and try to sort it out. If you are still struggling, then rather than turn to the bottle, go to your doctor’s and get help for depression. Once your frame of mind is more positive, you are less likely to turn to drink, which in turn is less likely to turn into a habit that you can’t break.

Many people have a problem with alcohol, probably far more than we could ever know. Take a good hard look at your drinking habits and, if you know you drink too much, take action now. Don’t wait until you are an alcoholic and your drinking begins to affect other people.


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