The Mythology of February

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February is one of the most interesting months of the year. It is the only month to contain less than the standard 30 days, thanks to an event called “Leap Year”. Colloquially, this month is also identified with “Black Awareness”, however it also is Marijuana Awareness Month, National Condom Month, and even Grapefruit Month. Most of all, February is identified as a month for lovers, due to Valentines Day being on the 14th. The month is named after “Februa”, an ancient purification ritual of Rome that took place on February 15th of our calender.

There are many myths surrounding those who are born in February. The two astrological signs in this month are Aquarius and Pisces. Aquariuses are supposedly unique and leader-like, being ruled by Uranus and the element of air. Pisces are said to be mysterious, appealing dreamers ruled by Neptune and the element of water. With the start of the 2010, Aquarius will now be the leader of the Zodiac signs.

Certain days in February also are surrounded by folklore, such as the 16th, which supposedly is the day of the Devil’s Dance. On this day, a sorceror of Tibet was called upon to exorcise demons and evil spirits from the local population. Those Aquariuses born on this day are said to posses great courage as a result. On the 12th of the month, Diana, the Roman goddess of hunt, was said to spread her protection from the forests near Aricia (her shrine) to all over the world. Thus, those born on this day are said to be highly personable and friendly.

The February birthstone is the Amethyst. Its color is a deep purple. The ancient Greeks associated this stone with the ability to detoxify an individual. Amethyst comes from the Greek work “amethystos”, which literally translates into “sober”. Amethyst stones were often adorned by kings due to their deep purple hue and legendary powers. The stone often was made into goblets to drink wine out of.

The week prior to Valentine’s Day is called “National Dump Your Significant Jerk Week”, so that one may get rid of their own bad relationship and have a new Valentine. February 7 – 14 is “Rejection Risk Awareness Week”, to raise awareness of social rejection through dating. Apparently this event was founded by syndicated advice columnist Harlen Cohen, to help people know that they are not alone when being rejected for love. Last but not least out of all of these amazing weeks, is Freelance Writers Appreciation Week! So, on the second week of February, be sure to thank any freelancers you see writing an article you thouroughly enjoy (including the author of this article!). You will be thanked.

February is a month of mystery, mythology, and romance. So get your fill of all three before its short span is over with.


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