Interview With An Empath

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I always enjoy finding out what it is like to be an empath from another point of view and discovered one who goes by Candace here .

When did you discover that you were an empath?

“I never “found out” I was an empath. I just always was. I was actually pretty paranoid about it when I was a kid. I basically thought everyone was ignoring me for some reason, that they could feel the same things as me but were pretending not to. When I realized they couldn’t, I had a “duh” moment.”

Laughing, “I’m pretty sure that psychotherapist’s would call that an, “Aha,” moment.

On occasion, I am in a spiritual meeting with someone and the spirit of a live person manifests. Why does that happen?

“Not sure what you mean about the spirit of the live person manifesting, if you could clarity… but it sounds like you probably astral travel. I don’t do that, but I know enough about it to hold a conversation. LOL. I do know a bit about spirits. I’ve lived in haunted houses nearly my whole life.”

Nuh. You would know if it had happened to you. It’s like a ghost except for the ghost’s still exist on this side. It’s hard to even describe….

What advice would you have for the newly gifted?

“1. Don’t let people force you to be physical (hugs, handshakes, intimate, etc). If you’re not comfortable, there’s probably a good reason. Empath’s are like candy to psychic vampires because we’re so open. They’ll go for anyone, but we’re easy targets.

2. Learn to ground yourself. Find your connection to the earth. It’s your life line. Learn to shield. Even beyond the everyday run of the mill ickiness of picking other people’s private feelings, there’s always that 1 in a 100 who’ll make you want to peel the skin off your bones to get clean.

3. If you can’t live out in the middle of nowhere, get house plants, lots of them. They can really help buffer you from the world, especially when you’re trying to sleep. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, find some quiet corner where you can hide from the hustle and bustle and meditate.”

You mentioned in your American Chronicle interview that you had seen the famous and deceased. Have you ever thought of a famous person who is still alive and actually connected (telepathically) with them? It’s happened to me a couple of times. I try to leave the famous alone!

No, I have never connected telepathically to anyone living or dead. I am not telepathic at all. I’m empathic, clairaudient, with a bit of clairvoyance and telethesia. I also do magic, which I think is an actual ability like the others and I’m pretty good at it.


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