Zurvita is just another typical scam MLM

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Zurvita is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company founded by Mark Jarvis. If you look for information of them online, you will find nothing but fake reviews by employees. Some of the reviews on Zurvita are in fact legitimate, but others merely promote either their own Zurvita account, or an alternate MLM company.

Here is the truth, you will be charged $329.00 to work for their company. What kind of company charges money to work for them? Supposedly it is to start your own Zurvita business. However, won’t the products sold by the individual pay for “business costs”? Put simply, this is an MLM company. MLM companies are legalized pyramid schemes, essentially. Like pyramid schemes, they charge individuals to join. Unlike pyramid schemes, MLM companies sell products.

Mark Jarvis, the C.E.O. of the company, supposedly “quit” his million dollar job as director of marketing at Dell, to start his own MLM corporation. If that sounds suspicious to you, then perhaps you are smarter than the average person who pays Zurvita $329.00 to work for them. It turns out Jarvis was fired from Dell by attempting to do something similar with their advertising. So, Jarvis was fired and claims to have quit his job. God only knows how he gets away with lying to the public as such.

Now, on to the positive news about Zurvita. It is a legitimate opportunity that actually will pay you, if you earn. To be honest, if you can make the $19 monthly fee (and out-do your initial investment fees) then go ahead and try. However, in the end, Zurvita is an MLM company. Their goal is to recruit; if you recruit, you will be rewarded handsomely. Recruitment, in fact, is stressed more than selling of the actual product, which is quite skeptical again.

Zurvita is a conservative organization that is not afraid to express its views. Of course, this is not bad by any means, but just a word of warning for those who do not support its agenda. On its about page, Zurvita states its ultimate goal is to create a company that glorifies God. Mark Jarvis recently was on the road promoting his “Freedom Crusade”, although little information is available about what the tour promotes.

Bottom line: If a company promotes recruitment more than selling, consider that a premonition. The business style of Zurvita is similar to many other MLM schemes to include: AVON, Pampered Chef, and Mary Kay Cosmetics. Although Zurvita does spend a good amount of their webpage towards actually promoting their services, the vast majority focuses on recruiting.

Being a very popular MLM, Zurvita is ranked in the 83rd percentile (according to mlmrankings.com) among other Multi-Level Marketing companies. That makes them higher than 519 out of 622 competing organizations. Not bad for a newcomer to the game. However, if you are looking for a get-rich quick scheme, like they apparently advertise, do not buy that. Start your own business soley, without Zurvita. Companies like this scam good people out of their money daily, so please consider this decision long and hard before paying them that hefty upfront fee.


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