How to Make Gaelic Coffee

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Gaelic (pronounced, “Gaa-lick,” as “Garlic” without an, “R,”) is a very popular beverage in Scotland and is consumed when Irish Coffee would perhaps be consumed elsewhere around the world. The principal difference between Gaelic Coffee and Irish Coffee is that the whisky used in the making of the drink is Scottish rather than Irish.

The first step to making Gaelic Coffee is to brew or prepare the coffee, in precisely the way one normally would. Around a third of a pint will be required per serving. When the coffee is ready, a serving glass should be rinsed in hot water and dried thoroughly before one fluid ounce of Scottish single malt whisky is added to it. The coffee should then be poured in until about one and a half inches remain below the lip of the glass. One teaspoon of demerara sugar should then be added to the coffee and the mixture stirred to dissolve the sugar.

The double or heavy cream has to be poured in to the glass via the back of a teaspoon, to ensure that it floats on top of the coffee. This is achieved by placing a teaspoon that the tip of it only touches the coffee and the cream slowly poured on to the back of it until the glass is nearly full. The final effect can be embellished by the sprinkling of a little very finely ground coffee or even chocolate on top. The Gaelic Coffee should be served immediately and the coffee sipped slowly through the cream.  


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