Two Exercises for Building Upper Back Strength

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Of all the body parts to work out the one often overlooked is the upper back.  It’s important you build strength in your back for various reasons, one important one, however, is because the back is your body’s support structure.  The upper back specifically needs to be toned in order to sustain other upper body muscles you work to build.  Having a toned upper back leads to your body appearing more balanced and actually does create a degree of balance because your back won’t be straining to hold the extra weight of the rest of your body.

Two exercises that will provide impressive results are the dumbbell pullover and the dumbbell row motions.  Here is more detail about each exercise.

Dumbbell Pullover

Using a narrow bench and a dumbbell you’re going to lie with your back on the bench—your head should be hanging over the edge of the bench.  Once in that position you’re going to hold your dumbbell with both of your hands outstretched perpendicular to your body.  Once you’re ready you will arch the dumbbell until your hands extend above your head.  Once you’ve reached as far as you can without arching your back return to your starting position.

If you don’t feel comfortable holding your arms that high over your head or feel you could get  better results try bending your arms and then, following the same arching motion, bring the dumbbell above your head.

Ideally you should start with only five repetitions before working up to around fifteen.

Dumbbell Row

This is done in a standing position.  With your right foot firm on the ground place your left foot on your bench before leaning forward and placing your left hand on your workout bench as well.  Your back/body will be parallel with your bench.  With your right hand hold your dumbbell.  Slowly raise your dumbbell until it is level with your back/body.  Hold momentarily before gradually releasing.

Once again only five repetitions should be done as a start before moving up to fifteen.

By taking the time to work on your back your body is going to feel much more aligned than if you ignore this vital part.  By implementing these two simple exercises into your routine you’re going to have a strong, toned upper back.

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