Check Between a Treadmill and an Exercise Bike based on your Needs

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Because of how convenient it is to work out at home—among other reasons—many people are veering towards buying at-home gym equipment in their fight against obesity.  However, there are a couple of options you have to choose between and finding the right fit for your needs can be difficult.  Two common at-home gym systems include a treadmill or an exercise bike.  Which will work best for you?

Fighting Boredom

While you work out it’s easy to become bored.  Repeated exercises appear stagnant to you which makes you not want to work out any longer.  This is a sad truth for many people, however, there are different entertainment options available depending on which exercise equipment you decide on.


Because of the degree of concentration required to run on a treadmill there are only a few recommended options for entertaining yourself: watching television or listening to music.  These two are safest when working on a treadmill at a fast speed.

Exercise bike

Like the treadmill when you work out with an exercise bike you can easily watch television or listen to music, but in addition there are some games that you can plug into and do a “course” on your exercise bike.  With a recumbent bike you can also read while you work out or do your studying.


Safety is extremely important when it comes to exercising, especially if children are around.  Here are a few matters to consider with each piece of equipment.


Because of the jolting motion that often happens when people jog/run it can be extremely painful or dangerous for people with bad joints to run on a treadmill.  Treadmills are also machines that require focus because if you trip and fall on a treadmill (especially if you don’t have the safety cord attached to your body) you could be in for some serious burns.  Treadmills also pose a danger to children (and their appendages) or small animals that could get caught in the gears when a motor is running.

Exercise bike

Many people complain that upright exercise bikes cause extra stress on the back, but for the most part an exercise bike could certainly be considered a lot safer for family use than a treadmill.  While the exercise bike isn’t a toy to be played on it has less chance of causing extreme danger/damage to children.

Calorie Output

Most people start exercising because they want to lose weight.  Each of these two machines offers exclusive workouts which burn calories differently.


The treadmill burns far more calories than the exercise bike.  Within an hour it’s possible to burn between 300 and 750 calories (depending on your weight, speed and other variables).

Exercise bike

The exercise bike still has its value as a means for losing weight.  For those not looking to lose a lot of weight the exercise bike could be perfect for you.  During an hour workout an exercise bike can burn up to 550 calories.

Depending on your exact purpose for exercise equipment will depend on which of these two machines works best for you.  A treadmill is best for the person intent on losing a lot of weight.  For a person that is just interested in keeping in shape or who doesn’t have a lot of weight to lose then an exercise bike is ideal.

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