Plantronics Bluetooth headset

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After finally buying the Nokia 5800 xpressmusic I really wanted to buy a Bluetooth headset to enjoy some uninterrupted and mid boggling music experience. I had saved enough money to buy a good Bluetooth headset and after checking out the reviews on various sites I settle down to buy a Plantronics Bluetooth headset.

I paid a pretty good sum of money for buying the Plantronics Bluetooth headset but every penny spends on buying the Bluetooth headset is worth it. Right now I am using the Plantronics Bluetooth headset and the experience is heavenly to say the least, awesome sound quality, uninterrupted and clear Bluetooth transmission, great battery back up (6-10 hours of continuous music play) are some of the prominent features of Plantronics Bluetooth headset which I would be elaborating in my review below.

I bought the Plantronics Bluetooth headset mostly because I wanted to enjoy high quality music and it delivers just that, some very good quality of music. I had used a Chinese Bluetooth headset and I had found some transmission problem in it sometimes, the music got interrupted and got rusty at times but with Plantronics Bluetooth headset not a single instance anything as such occurred which is something remarkable about the Bluetooth headset. The long hour of battery back up makes it apt for long train journey were it is not possible to recharge it on board.

So though Plantronics Bluetooth headset is a bit expensive but it is fully loaded with some elegant features and is well designed to give a very user-friendly experience. I would rate the Plantronics Bluetooth headset a big 9 if to be rated on a scale of 10.


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