How to Give a Free Valentine’s Day Gift

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Valentine’s Day is popularly considered one of the most romantic days of the year. The holiday has become so commercialized that most every couple is expected to exchange gifts on February 14. Break this tradition and you could find your sweetie highly disappointed or upset with you. Still, it’s a fun, romantic holiday in which most every couple likes to engage, but what do you do if you can’t afford to get your significant other something special on Valentine’s Day? Especially when hard economic times hit, you might find yourself struggling to even purchase the basic teddy bear and box of chocolates, much less tickets to a concert or musical, a bottle of expensive perfume or, most expensively, a diamond ring. Well, the holiday’s all about showing love and appreciation for one another, and there are plenty of free Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give your significant other that will probably be more special and memorable than traditional, expensive gifts.

Plan an evening at the beach as a free Valentine’s Day gift if you live close to the ocean. Surprise your sweetie with a picnic on the beach complete with fruits, cheeses and a bottle of wine if you wish. Try to locate a remote area where there are no crowds (which there probably won’t be in February anyways, especially in the evening). Walk on the beach as you hold hands, and later lie together and watch the sun set over the ocean over romantic cuddling and conversation. Take plenty of blankets with which to ward off the chill, though.

Create a romantic atmosphere at home as a free Valentine’s Day gift if you don’t live in an area where an outdoor evening is possible. Light scented candles in every room, and scatter a pathway of fake rose petals leading through the kitchen where you’ve prepared a romantic candlelit dinner, into the bathroom where you’ve prepared a steaming, luxurious, candlelit bubble bath and, finally, into the bedroom where you’ve created another atmosphere of candlelit romance. One unique romantic idea for the bedroom is to hang red, white, pink or black mosquito netting above your bed. If you don’t already have one, mosquito netting can be purchased relatively cheaply (for $10 or less) online and in many stores.

Give your significant other a long, relaxing oil massage as a free Valentine’s Day gift. You can combine the oil massage with the romantic evening at the beach or the romantic setting that you create at home. Most everybody loves a good massage, and you can add a touch of romance to it by massaging deeply and slowly with oil as you whisper softly. Be creative and, most importantly, romantic in your massage.


If you can rummage some flowers of any kind from your yard, prepare a nice bouquet with which to present your sweetie as a free Valentine’s Day gift.


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