Avatar Drop Indie Game Review

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Avatar Drop is an Xbox Live Indie Game. An Indie Game is made by small developers and are like short, cheap and basic games. This game only costs 80 Microsoft Points which is very cheap and probably like 60p to buy!

It is a fun game where you control your Avatar and you have to try and get the most points. You get points by going through rings. Gold rings give you the most points but are smallest, silver are medium and bronze are biggest but give you the least points. Your Avatar is sort of a ragdoll which is quite funny!

I also like the use of the Avatars and it is funny seeing them hit sort of balloon objects and going through rings! The balloon objects basically make it more interesting and harder as you have to wait for them to get smaller before being able to go through some rings. You can control your Avatar by spinning and moving them and it works quite well!

You can also play multiplayer with other people on the same console or with computer controlled players which makes it more interesting! 

The graphics are quite good and the same goes for the sound. 

Overall if you have some spare microsoft points you could do much worse than buy this game instead of wasting it on a theme or avatar clothing! This game is nothing major but if you have a spare few minutes and can`t be bothered to change the game this is really good! 

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