Seven Important Questions to Ask During an Interview

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Seven Important Questions to Ask During an Interview

So you are unemployed and looking for a job that is a good fit or you are working but want a change and after sending your resume you finally get the call that the company wants to set up an interview with you. Well that is just the beginning of the process of getting hired, there is more than just being ready to answer the toughest questions, and you need to prepare to ask questions of your own.

Asking questions during an interview shows your interest and gives you an active role during the interview, making it sound more like a conversation rather than an interrogation. But what questions to ask your future employer. The following are good questions to ask during the interview, and tailor them to the position that you are applying for, if they seems too many then pick three or four.

The first question that you can ask is: “What type of growth opportunity does the position and company offer?” This question shows that you are interested in long term and that you are looking for more than just a paycheck.

The second question to ask is: “How do you see me benefiting the company?”

 Most likely you told them already how you think you can benefit but asking this to your interviewer you can see what qualities and characteristics they saw (on paper) that can benefit them. 

The third question would be:”What would my first project be” This is a question that needs to be asked if you are applying for a position that will deal with different projects

The fourth is “Is there emphasis on professional training or continuing education?” This one shows your determination to learn new skills and be adaptable to challenges.

The fifth question is one that you can directly ask your interviewer and it is: “Why did you choose this company?” The answer will give you important insight of the company and the strengths of it.

The sixth question is “Who will be evaluating me if I am hired”? This question will give you insight on the company’s structure, if you either report directly to the CEO or a somebody else.

The seventh question should be: “What are the jobs responsibility entail in a more detailed way?” Follow this question by mentioning what you read on the advertisement ans see what else is expected from the position really.

The order of the questions can vary depending on the feel and the way the interview is going but you will know when to ask them.


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