Dealing with the loss of a pet

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Just like losing a family member of the human kind the loss of a pet can be devastating. The grieving process, is not limited to dogs or cats. Any pet that can be humanized in any form is felt as a loss. It is important to understand that grieving pet loss is a process; you need to allow yourself time to deal with your emotions and time to heal.  Try to face pet loss as openly and honestly as you can. Find people with whom you can discuss your feelings. Those who know what the love of a pet can be like.  Experiencing pet grief together can be a healing process for all of you.

Some of what you may be feeling can be; Guilt, Depression, Anger and Denial.  Don’t deny your pain, or your feelings of anger and guilt. Only by coming to terms with your feelings can you begin to work through them. Someone you loved has died, you have a right to feel anger and guilt, also locking away grief doesn’t make it go away. Express it. Cry, scream, stomp the floor, talk about it. Do what helps you the most. All this will help you understand what your pet’s loss actually means to you..At some point and time we all will have to grieve the loss of a beloved pet and this can be a very stressful time

It may be helpful to express your feelings and memories in poems, stories, or make a scrap book or photo collage of your pet. Talking to others about your loss and happy times with your pet can also be helpful. Don’t hide your feelings in an effort to appear strong. Working through your feelings with another person such as a family member or dear friend is one of the best ways to put them in perspective and find ways to handle them. Find someone you can talk to about how much the pet meant to you and how much you miss them

You should only get a new pet because you are ready to move forward. Rather than looking backward and mourning your loss. When you are ready, select an pet with whom you can build another long, loving relationship-because this is what having a pet is all about. Don’t expect your new pet to be like the one you lost, but allow it to develop its own personality. Avoid the temptation to compare the new pet to the old one: It can be hard to remember that your beloved pet also caused a few problems when it was youngster.


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