The Apple Ipod Touch – A Review For Buyers

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The Apple iPod Touch is a fine little gadget. It is designed to be much more than your typical music player. With access to the internet and lots of social programs, you can be just where you want to be, with music and friends in the palm of your hand.

The Apple iPod is a nifty device that has come down in price since it has first come out. Many say that it is too complicated to be a music player, and so consumers who are just searching for a music player might find the Apple iPod too overwhelming and complicated with needless applications. However to those who don`t mind the added features that they might already have on their smart phone, then the iPod touch might be just the thing.

Some say that the Apple iPod touch is like a mini computer more than just a music player. You can use a safari web browser, photo viewer, email reader program and it is compatible with; outlook, exchange mobile me, Gmail, yahoo AOL and use the internet to download iTunes. Not only can you do all of that, you can also access the weather, colander, maps, clocks, stocks and contacts.

For music lovers though, you can access a new program that gives you the option of creating a playlist that allows you to play 25 songs in a row based on similar characteristics in the songs. This new genius program has been a positive for the iPod touch.

This iPod touch allows you to surf the web with lots of ease. There are easy to use buttons and simple features that can get you in and out in no time. The internet system is fast which allows you to download your songs as quickly as you need them.

The LCD screen is big and the quality is clear for music video watching. You can download videos and watch them on your big screen. The color and graphics is top notch with many customers saying that they found the large screen a bonus.

The iPod touch as a new slim design, with curved metal edging to give it a more durable feeling. It no longer feels as fragile as it once did. And the shape of it allows for easy grip and mega comfort around the fingers and thumb.

The multi-touch interface is a key feature in the iPod Touch. Being able to access applications and programs easily with the touch of a finger makes this concept a number one feature to have.

The only negative aspects found on the iPod touch was that its audio was only average. That means that it didn`t blow people away with the sound quality, it held up to what other MP3 systems can do. Not only that but you have to buy the iTunes software separately it doesn`t come as one of the preset applications on the iPod touch. For consumers looking for a music player they might find this device too overwhelming with features they may not need.

For those who love surfing the net, downloading songs and chatting with friends the iPod touch is a sure thing. For many people who love music and the computer equally as much, this mini system can handle all that you can dish out. With its stylish look and design it`s sure to compete with anything.

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