Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

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Guys can be gross and downright obnoxious at times so we realize coming up with gift ideas for him can be a painful task. Honestly, what do you give a guy who thinks a Whoopi cushion was a great Christmas present? Well don’t you worry about it because at we have put together a list of gift suggestions that should cover the bases for all guys; from the gross to the great!

Money Saving Tip: If your budget is tight, remember that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. Bake them some of their favorite cookies or treats, put it in a tin and wrap it with a bow.


Let’s face it ladies. Men just don’t get it, but that’s why they have you. Give your Valentine a new sense of style with some new clothes. For dads you can go with the traditional tie or for the boy friend get them some shirts you won’t be afraid to be seen with them in. Do they have a hair style you hate? Buy them a hat! Get them that sexy shirt, or dress him up for a night out on the town!

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Leather Wallets

Tell your Valentine in a not so subtle way that it’s time to grow up. Make them throw away that outdated Velcro wallet from their high school/college years and upgrade them to a quality leather wallet. Search for more information about quality men’s leather wallets online

Photo Gifts

Give them a gift that will remind them of you. A picture of you! Whether it’s a wallet size, 5×6 picture in a frame for their desk or a glamour shot you had taken, they will appreciate the gift and it helps say “back off, he’s mine” to all the other ladies out there!


Take away their Homer Simpson watch they got from Burger King and slap something with some real style on their wrist. Nobody said you had to get a Rolex or Fossil. There are many watches from in all sorts of styles and flavors. Get them one to match those new clothes you’re thinking about getting him.


Call it perfume, cologne, water de’ toilet, or whatever you like. I think we can all agree that guys stink! Give your man the gift of closeness this Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it ladies, this gift is really for YOU, so you can’t go wrong here. Research and read reviews about the top 10 popular colognes that are available, today. Research and read reviews about the top 10 popular colognes that are available, today.

Desk Gadgets

Everybody needs a little down time while at their desk while doing busy work. You could go with the classic “Newton’s Cradle” pendulum ball set or perhaps a stress ball. Need something a bit more interactive? Buy him a mini remote control car. Boys love their toys!


For consenting adults only of course, lingerie is a gift your valentine can appreciate all year long. Whether you deck yourself out like one of Victoria’s Secret Angels or go with the ever famous princess lea fantasy this gift is sure to catch their attention.

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Man Zone

Every guy has or at least dreams of a “man zone” in their house. Still stuck for an idea? Think about items for that man zone. BBQ accessories like the every famous Kiss The Cook Apron or some new power tools for the garage are always appreciated. Search for Craftsman power tools at


Gift cards might be too easy, but iTunes gift cards are always a welcome gift. Want to take it to the next level? Hunt down some old vinyl records of some of your valentine’s favorite past and present groups. Nostalgic items are always a welcome surprise. It’s easy to order iTunes Gift Cards from Amazon or search for other music iTunes gift cards online


If your married or in serious relationship there is a strong chance you make your fella’ take out the garbage or some other daily weekly house chores. Give them a certificate giving them their freedom from such duties for a week or a day. (Let’s be honest…It’s not like they will say no thank you. I love doing this! Search online and learn how easy it is to make your own or find templates to print your own gift certificates


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