Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

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Ok guys, we know finding gift ideas for her can sometimes seem like an impossible task but we are here to help. Perhaps you have tried some of these items in the past or hopefully we can inspire some of you to branch out and try something new. After all, you want to keep your valentine off balance by giving them the unexpected from time to time. Valentine Tip: Remember, the most important gifts you can give your valentine are you attention and time. Turn off the TV and tune in to them instead.

Valentine 101:

Let’s be obvious and start with the basics. Flowers, candy, and balloons. Whether you go with one or splurge and do all three you can’t really go wrong with the classics. Want to make a real impression? Go big! Instead of a dozen get two dozen flowers. Forget the tiny box of candy and go for a full pound box of handmade gourmet chocolates. Forget the boring round balloons and get one in the shape or character or get enough to launch a small child into flight if you do not tie them down!

Childhood Items:

Believe it or not we can take some romance tips from Tim the tool man Taylor Tim Allen. In the movie “The Santa Claus 2” there is a scene where he makes presents based on people’s childhood toys appear. Take a page out of Santa’s book. If you’re a good listener you may have picked up on items that your valentine enjoyed as a child. If you do not have any of these little gems in your memory, contact family or friends and see if they remember any special items they had as a child or some item they always wanted but never had. Can’t find it these days? Try looking for it on eBay. Those guys have everything!

Cook Dinner:

While the way to a man’s heart might be their stomach, our suggestion is you give your valentine the night off! Cook them dinner or give them breakfast in bed. (Even you can cook toast, right?) Not that good in the kitchen? If you’re a BBQ kind of guy bring it out of winter hibernation for an early year extravaganza. Who says you can’t barbeque all year long?!? If you do barbeque, splurge on the expensive stuff!

Name a Star

Some may find this a bit odd but these days you CAN actually “give them the stars”…at least one. There are sites that let you name a star after a person, for a fee. Tell them it’s their star that lights YOUR universe and they will love you forever. (Or not…)

It’s All in the Name:

Items with their name monogrammed on it can add that personal touch. For example, stationary, expensive to die for towels or a nice bath robe.

Teddies & Lingerie:

Depending on the longevity of your relationship either the plush kind or the lingerie kind will work. Just make a mental note that if you do go with lingerie you might get the “who exactly is this gift for” comment.

Day Spa Massage:

Depending on the depth of your pocket book you can either send your valentine off to a day at the spa for a massage or you can turn off the television and give them one yourself. If you do a home massage on the cheap, enhance the gift with a bunch of candles, some scented massage oil and a few bags of rose petals to dump all over the bed.

Electronic Gadgets

If your valentine is a gadget geek then electronics might be a nice touch. Get them the latest iPod from apple, a motorized vacuum cleaner or a digital photo frame. Your love has not ended? Buy them that 40 inch HDTV you, I mean they, have always wanted.


Gift baskets have come a long way. These days you can get them with a variety of misc. gifts so if you can’t decide on what to get them you can get a pre-fabricated collection of gifts. Want to add that special touch? Go to your local craft store, buy a basket, and stuff it full of items you hand select yourself.

Get-away From It All

Perhaps we are saving the best for last, but if you really want to score points surprise your valentine with a getaway evening or weekend or a romantic dinner cruise. Make the plans yourself (or be clever and use a travel agent). I hear Las Vegas is throwing all sorts of deals these days.


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