Yoga, Nature, Body and Mind

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This article will provide some basic guidance to those willing to practice Yoga. I hope that you will be immensely benefitted by fulfilling these simple requirements.

Every thing in this universe is guided by the laws of nature. We suffer as we go against the natural laws. As it is natural, one should go to sleep at night at a particular time and sleep for six to eight hours. He should maintain timing for taking food etc. In the recent years due to tough competion in worksphere all these timings are disturbed. Also increasingly people are becoming more stressed at work place and at home. Due to all these people are facing lots of physical and mental problems. The cases of High blood pressure, sugar, and other stress related disorder has shown sharp rise in recent years. I just assure you that most of your health problems will vanish if you align yourself to nature’s order. For bringing more joy and happiness to life I’ll always reccommend Yoga and Pranayam for each and all.

The sage Patanjali compiled “Yoga sutras” almost three thousand years ago. Patanjali’s Yoga sutras are followed by all yogis and ordinary people to this day. Yoga means linking, or linking to god or contact with god. Although the science of yoga is extremely vast, we will discuss a little only about two branches, Asana and Pranayama. Before attempting Pranayama if one practices Asana (posture) for few days the body becomes somewhat flexible and mind stabilised. It makes practicing of Pranayama easier and more effective.

By regular practice of Asana and Pranayama, occurrence of diseases are prevented. By practicing Pranayama even many of the diseases can be cured. There are some guiding principles which should be followed to make your Yoga practice more effective.


In Asana one should practice at least two or three sitting postures and two or three sleeping postures. One should also include some standing postures. Regular practice of Asana gives flexibility to body, improves blood circulation and removes lethargy.


Pranayama is more effective than the Asana. By regular practice all the body parts are prevented from diseases. It has the capacity to cure many diseases. Indian Yogis has mentioned that some diseases which cannot be cured by Allopathy, Homoeopathy or Ayurvedic means can be cured by Regular practice of Pranayama.

Pranayama is the best method for keeping the mind stress free. Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika and Bhramri are extremely effective for curing stress related diseases and depression. Regular practice of pranayam improves emotional stability and strengthen the nervous system. But, Pranayama is much more than this. It is a means for liberation and realisation of the self by awakening Kundalini shakti.

Yoga should not be practised in these conditions

  • If your stomach is heavy
  • If you feel very tired and exhausted
  • A place where there are lots of disturbances and noise
  • A place where there are mosquitoes and other disturbing biting flies
  • A place with poor air ventilation

DOs and DONOTs

Yoga should be practiced twice daily. The best time is the transition of day and night i.e in the early morning and evening. Before practicing yoga at least four hours gap should be allowed after taking meal. Also food should not be taken within fifteen minutes after completion of Yoga. . While doing Asana in sitting postures the body should be straight and erect. You should allow 30 seconds to one minute rest between any two postures. The duration of a posture should be 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Similarly in Pranayama, Kapal Bhati and Anulom-Vilom may be practised from 5 to 15 minutes and Bhastrika, Bhramri and Ujjayi may be done 5 times each.  Do not expose the body to cold or heat just after the yoga. Avoid using tight clothes while practising Yoga

High blood pressure patients should not practice some postures like Shirshasana and Dhonurasana. The beginners should not do the Yoga force fully. By regular practice, gradually the postures will be easier.  It should be remembered that any one who is practicing Yoga regularly, should not stop it suddenly. Women in the time of pregnancy should consult the doctor regarding practice of Yoga.

My last advice is that never do the Yoga in a hurry, do it with love and patience, and you will be definitely benifitted.

Good Luck.

More will be discussed in the future post.


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