How to Straighten Hair with a Ceramic Flat Iron

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Ceramic flat irons are becoming more and more popular. Some people use flat irons to go from curly hair to straight hair. Even people that already have straight hair use flat irons in order to obtain a more silky, controlled look. There is a huge variety of ceramic flat irons available. The prices vary from brand name to the size of the iron. One suggestion is to read reviews on the ceramic flat irons to find the one that best meets your needs. Straightening your hair with a ceramic flat iron is simple and fun to do and may even leave some surprising results.

First, shampoo and condition hair.

A flat iron can be used on completely dry hair. If you choose, you can straighten hair that has been towel dried.

Add the styling products of your choice.

Next, you must choose a temperature for the ceramic flat iron. Many flat irons come with a digital temperature setting.

Separate hair into 5 cm sections.

The thinner the section, the more intense and thorough the heat will be. The ticker the section of hair, the less heat will be directed to the section.

Start straightening from underneath and work your way up.

Hold the first section of hair between your fingers and place your ceramic flat iron as close to the roots as possible. Squeeze and slide hair through the ceramic plates all the way to the ends without stopping.

Do not try to slide the flat iron too fast, glide through the section slowly. By doing so you will have optimum results the first time.

Repeat this process as necessary.

Allow the hair to cool before combing.


*The ceramic plates on the flat iron are extremely hot and can cause burns to skin and eyes.

Never leave the ceramic flat iron unattended when in use. Warn children about the risk of burns and electric shock. Always switch the iron off and unplug after each use. Allow the unit to cool before storing away.

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