Is a Military Life Right For You?

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Do you live in a small, or one-company town, with not much hope for a good paying job in your future?  Why not try the military, where your education can be fully paid for, and you can learn a trade, become a respected member of society, and maybe even find a career within the armed forces?  Working in the military does not necessarily mean being a soldier and going off to war, but signing up during times of war pretty much guarantees that you would be seeing some form of duty with regards to the war effort.

There are, of course, benefits and drawbacks to joining the military, especially during times of war.  One major benefit for the younger and more physically fit generation is the money that is there to be made, for taking extra tours of duty, with the extra pay for danger zone and other financial bonuses that just can’t be spent while on tour.  The savings when you get back from your first tour of duty is more than enough to buy a new pick-up truck and a down payment on a first home.  The draw back, of course, is you will most likely be going to Iran or Afghanistan.

Assuming that you survive your tour(s) of duty, there are not many better character references than a military training certificate.  For electricians, plumbers, boat yard workers, police and politics, a military background is the proverbial foot in the door for many career opportunities.  For a sure-fire career in a trade, especially automotive or aeronautical repair and maintenance, electrician, cook and any other trade under the sun, your stint in the military doing what you were being trained to do will carry over into civilian life almost seamlessly.

For front-line soldiers, the pay bonuses, like danger pay and isolation pay alone are well worth the time spent in a hostile country dodging bullets, RPGs and IEDs.  As long as your spouse and family at home don’t spend it all before you get home, that is.

So, join the military.  Go to strange and wonderful lands, meet new and wonderful people, and kill them.  It is actually a very honourable career choice, and boot camp will get you into great physical condition.  Other than the fear of an untimely death at the hands of torturing terrorists, you may actually find that the camaraderie and structure of military life suits you just fine, and best friends for life are usually made.  Let’s just hope that it is a long and established life.

Enjoy your military life, and may God bless you.


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