Six Ways to Reuse Christmas Cards

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Don’t just throw away your old christmas cards, recycle them, and better still reuse them.  Here are six ways to get creative with old christmas cards and save money in the process.

Cut out Pictures and Make Gift Tags for Next Year

Cut out medium sized pictures and punch with a hole punch. Thread with some thin ribbon or string.  Store until next year, when you can save a couple of pounds on buying new ones.  This also makes a great activity for kids on a rainy January afternoon.

Cut and Use Blank Side as Scribble Card

Simply cut the cards in half and use the side that usually remains blank for scribbling or crafts.  Nurseries and playgroups do this all the time to cut down on supply costs.

Make a Collage of Christmas Pictures

Cut out pictures and stick onto backing card to make a collage, frame and use as a fun decoration for next christmas.  Kids will love to produce and display their own pictures in their bedrooms.

Make Thank You Notes

Cut out picture and write your thank you note on the blank reverse.  Save money on costly thank you notes.

Use Pictures to Produce Handmade Cards Next Year

Cut out pictures and use on new card to make handmade cards next year, get the kids involved, thrown in some glitter and embellishments to personalize the cards.

Make Christmas Alphabet Cards
– Cut out pictures and in large pen write the corresponding letter on the reverse, for example cut out a tree and put a ‘T’ on the reverse, or a snowman with an ‘S’.


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