How to Color or Dye Hair Easily While Saving Money

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Many people go to salons when it is time to color or dye their hair. The average cost of a hair coloring job at a professional salon is between $25 and $40. Many people pay for these expensive trips to the beautician, not realizing that many of these techniques can be done at home, saving them hundreds of dollars a year. One of the most simple hair techniques that can be completed at home is hair coloring. Hair coloring kits can be purchased from a variety of stores including: Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

There are several brands and colors to choose from when purchasing a hair coloring kit. Permanent color is another option that is available when coloring hair.

The components in the kit are usually lettered for easy identification when reading the directions.

First, put on the gloves provided in the hair coloring kit.

Next, twist and remove the tip off of the developer bottle.

Puncture the coloring tube with the tube’s cap. Squeeze the entire contents of the coloring tube into the applicator bottle.

Once the contents are in the application bottle, place a finger over the open top and shake well.

Apply the hair coloring mixture to hair immediately. Separate hair into 1/4″ parts and apply mixture to hair like shampoo until hair is saturated.

Leave mixture in hair for 25 minutes if there is little to no gray hair. If gray hair is more abundant, leave mixture in hair for 35 minutes.

Once time is up, add a small amount of warm water to hair and work into a lather. Rinse hair thoroughly until the water runs clear.

After the hair coloring mixture is rinsed, add the conditioner and leave it in the hair for two minutes. Rinse conditioner thoroughly and dry hair. Style hair how you wish.

Tips & Warnings

  • If gray hair is at the hairline, temples, or roots, apply hair coloring mixture here first.
  • If you wish to lighten the hair, apply mixture to the darkest hair first.
  • Hair coloring chemicals can cause an allergic reaction, so it is recommended to do a skin allergy test.
  • First, clean the area of the skin where the allergy test will be performed. Pat this area dry. Mix a small drop of color cream with a small drop of developer cream. Apply the small mixture to the skin; area should be the size of a quarter. Examine the test area for 48 hours for an allergic reaction. If any allergic reactions occur, consult a doctor before using the hair coloring kit.

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