How to Find Friends Using MySpace

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MySpace is one of the most popular social networks that people use to connect with family and friends. There is also many other activities to keep you busy with MySpace. It is very easy to join this social network and become part of a huge communication network that is used by millions of people.

When signing up with MySpace, you will be asked a few general question needed for the enrollment process. First, enter a valid email address. Next you will be asked to produce a password that will be used in order to access your MySpace account. You will have to enter your full name as well, along with your date-of-birth and your gender.

After enrolling for an account, you will be prompted to set up a profile. You can put whatever information you would like on your profile. Many users put information such as: location, marital status, occupation, education, and any other information that you would like to share with the MySpace network.

After completing your profile, you will be able to make you profile original by adding backgrounds, layouts, and images. There are many websites that you can get access to backgrounds, images, music, etc. to decorate your profile with.

MySpace also offers groups that you can join within the network. You can also write blogs to keep you family and friends updated with whats going on in your life. Photos can be shared by uploading photos to your profile.

There is a friend search available with MySpace. You can use this search to locate anyone: family, friends, or anyone in your area. This search can be done by using a name or email address. The search results can be narrowed down by entering a location and age. There will be a comment page on your profile where your MySpace friends can leave comments and images.

This social network offers games and quizes that you can complete and share your results with your friends.


Creating a MySpace profile is extremely easy and it is a fun way to stay connected with family and friends, no matter the distance between.

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