World of Warcraft Herbalism Guide: The Gathering Trade Skill that Best Suits WoW Alchemists

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Herbalism is a gathering trade skill in the World of Warcraft. Herbalism counts as a primary profession. A player may only have two primary professions, so it is best for a player to make his trade skill choices carefully. Herbalism is best used to supplement and gather the ingredients for the alchemy profession .Getting Started With World of Warcraft Herbalism

Once a player picks up the herbalism skill from a trainer in a major city or one of the lower level areas, the player will then need to find the herbs to pick. The herbalism trade skill in World of Warcraft works similar to mining, except that no special tools are required. The lower level zones will be the place for the herbalist to start his career in the World of Warcraft.

The newbie zones are good places for herbalists to pick peacebloom and silverleaf. The plants that may be collected by a herbalism can be easily distinguished from flora used to create the scenery, but if the plant is not too distinctive, the cursor changes over a plant that may be gathered as a herb.

Upon reaching a skill level of 75, a player needs to return to a trainer to pick up the Journeyman level. As with all other trade skills in the game, the skill progresses in increments of 75, so training will be required at 150, 225, and 300.

Raising the Herbalism Skill in the World of Warcraft

After players no longer get skill ups from collecting peacebloom or silverleaf. The next plants a player should collect are mageroayl and earthroot. The plant progression then goes briarthorn, bruiseweed, wild steelbloom, kingsblood, fadeleaf, khadgar’s whisker, firebloom, gromsblood, and dreamfoil. A player can collect plaguebloom in Eastern and Western Plaguelands in order to get to 300 skill. Players who have the Burning Crusade will need to head to the Outlands to get their skill past 300.

Making Money with Herbalism in World of Warcraft

Because no additional tools are required for the skill and little danger is involved in the actual gathering of the plants, although the journeys to the places to get them can be quite dangerous, plants gathered with the herbalism trade skill in World of Warcraft net a100% profit when sold back to a vendor. A better strategy for the player using the herbalism trade skill to make money however, is to sell his goods at the auction house at a competitive price.


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