How to Use Facebook to Reconnect with Old Friends

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Today, more than ever, people are turning to social networks to reunite and maintain friendships with family and friends. There are many social networks available online that can do just that. Facebook, among many others, is one of the most popular social networks available on the Internet. Overall, Facebook is easy to use, fun, and entertaining. Anyone can sign up with Facebook and reunite with family and friends.

In order to become a member of, first a user name and password must be made in order to access the network. During this process, some questions will be asked in reference to an e-mail address, gender, and birth date.

Once you have been approved for Facebook access, you can begin using the network to connect with family and friends. When you log onto the Facebook network for the first time you will be able to construct a personal profile. This profile will keep your ‘friends’ up-to-date. Some of the information that is listed on a personal profile is: name, birth date, location, occupation, and marital status.

Once you have constructed a personal profile, you can begin searching for other Facebook members that you may know. Some search options for the members of Facebook can be searched using an e-mail address, a name and location, school and grad year, company name, or instant messenger name. Facebook will also make friend suggestions based on the profile information.

After you have found some familiar faces, you can click “Add As Friend”. By doing this a friend request will be sent to that person and they can either accept or deny the friend request. Some profiles require that you be a “friend” in order to view the profile, whereas other profiles are viewable by the public.

After you have made “friends” on Facebook, you then get to write on thier wall. This basically means sending a comment that will be viewed by the public. You will also be able to view information and photos that your “friends” have on their profiles.

There is a status bar on the home page of your profile that allows you to comment on anything pertaining to that day, leave a quote, etc. You will also be able to view the status of your “friends” on your wall.

Tips & Warnings

  • Facebook is used for entertainment purposes. There are many activities that you can do on Facebook, such as: games, fan clubs, and quizes…just to name a few.

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