How to Know if a Career as an EMT is Right for Me

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A career as an Emergency Medical Technician can be incredibly exciting and endlessly rewarding. If you are a person who enjoys meeting people and providing assistance to others, a career in emergency medicine could be for you. While this career can be personally satisfying, it requires extensive training, both initially and once you have achieved class completion.

While curriculums vary from state to state, most classes are approximately six months long, covering everything from basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to advanced airway procedures. During the course, you will learn about bandaging, splinting of broken bones, airway management, poison ingestion, burns, animal bites, and countless other treatment procedures covering every injury imaginable.

Upon completion of a six month course, you are required to attend a practical application test which requires you to showcase what you have learned in a hands-on environment for an audience of trained emergency personnel. Once you have conquered that obstacle, you are required to take a computerized test of the knowledge you have acquired over the course of your program. Upon successful completion of that test, you become nationally certified. Being nationally certified is very important in that it allows you to practice as an EMT in any state in the country.

As a nationally registered EMT, you are required to attend 40 hours of training each year, commonly referred to as in-service training. In-service programs are readily available and are usually held once a month in four hour intervals. They simply reiterate skills you have already acquired through training in an attempt to keep you refreshed on various medical procedures.

While the requirements for this job can seem incredibly overwhelming, a steady, dedicated approach and a willingness to learn can make your class experience one of the most fulfilling endeavors of your life. The hardships and stress of class provide you with a career that will almost certainly always be in demand.

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