How to Safely Clean a Plasma Television Screen

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Many people would suggest that with today’s crucial economy, that owning a plasma flat screen television is a luxury. Plasma televisions are completly different from the traditional older style televisions. At some point or another, you have probably cleaned an old style television screen with the trusty old windex. While this may have worked for the glass screen, cleaning care for a plasma screen differs a great deal. Many cleaning products and cleaning items can harm a plasma screen, so it is wise to know the proper cleaning techniques if you have a plasma television screen.

First, you will need to damp the soft cloth with only water. For mild cleaning, as with dust, you will not need to press down on the screen at all. It is better to wipe the screen in a vertical motion.

After you have made the first vertical swipe, you need to swipe the same area vertically immediately with the dry cloth. You will discover that drying the particular area immediately reduces water spots.

Next, repeat the first step until the screen has been cleaned completely.

Tips and Warnings:

For those of us that have younger kids in the home, we are bound to have fingerprints and other prints embedded into the plasma screen. There is a way to resolve this issue as well. You will need to apply a firmer pressure vertically over the needed areas. This works well with scratched areas too. You may need to repeat this step in the needed areas. Do not clean the plasma screen with any sharp or scratchy items.

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