Benefits of Using A Lip Liner Pencil Instead Of The Lipstick

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So far the pencil lip liners have been used for drawing the edges of the lips to give them a perfect shape or hold onto the color of the lipstick. But have you tried using them to fill up the entire lips? If not then you need to try this method. Actually, using the lip liner instead of a lipstick can help you in many ways. And if you are wondering what they are you must consider the points given below:

1. Saves the money spent on a lipstick: Lip liners are more affordable than lipsticks. So when they run out you can buy them again at no extra cost. This again is linked to another benefit. By going for a lip liner, are you will be saving the lipstick for a better occasion. So somehow the money spent on the lipstick is also being saved.

2. Works like a lasting matt lipstick: Pencil lip liners are oil free. Therefore, their textures are much similar to matt lipsticks. What this means is that no matter how much your lips touch the food and drinks the lip liner painted over them will not fade or become smudgy. This basically will save your time on checking your lips in the mirror again and again.

3. Saves your lips from getting dark: It is already mentioned above that pencil lip liners are oil-free. On the contrary, lipsticks are usually filled with oil which give them creamy texture. Now if you wear lipstick in the sun, your lips, due to the excess, oil will turn dark. This means that your lips without the artificial color will look dead. Wearing lip liner in place of lipstick saves you from that kind of problem. In short, it is actually healthy for your lips.

4. Sits easily on the lips: It is much easier to paint the lips with a lip liner. Lipstick, on the other hand, needs to be worn carefully since they have a tendency to go out of line. One reason for this is that it has bigger roller. Lip liner has pointed head. This makes it quicker and easier to control.

5. Gives you a classic look for any occasions: The dry and smooth color from the lip liner can make you look more elegant than you would think. This is because it has a tendency to enhance the beauty of your lips by making them look more defined. Interestingly, this will enable you to look great in parties and for photo shoots.

Overall, lip liners are far better than lipsticks. And if you are still skeptic about the benefits you must carry out an experiment of wearing a lip liner in place of a lipstick for about six months. Soon you will find yourself amazed at its work.

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