How to Make Money as A Student

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STEP 1: Save some of your earnings early,
preferably while you’re still in middle school or high school. Once you’re in college, you’ll desire you had some of that money you spent on eating out, cell phone bills, gas, CDs, and clothes. Although you can put away a percentage of your earnings and gift money in a special savings account for college, you can also make investments like buying vending machines and put them around your local area.

STEP 2: Check into work-study programs at your school. You may be able to find paid work, like
an internship, that also counts toward academic credit. The hours for on-campus work-study are
usually more flexible than for an off-campus job, which will allow you time for classes and studying.

STEP 3: The early bird gets the worm (or in this case, the work) when it comes to applying for oncampus
work-study jobs. The best jobs get taken quickly, so apply as soon as you arrive on campus.

STEP 4: Locate a job that pays tips, like waiting tables, bar tending, delivering pizza, detailing cars at a car wash, or catering. You will make more per hour than you would at many other jobs, sometimes as much as twice the minimum wage or better.

STEP 5:Get a part-time job free meals while you are on duty. You will ll save a lot on food. This will only work well if you like the type of food the restaurant serves. It’s probably best if it’s not on fast food.

STEP6: Work as a caddy at the local golf course. You get to spend time outside, work on your tan, hit a few balls now and then, and earn some money, including tips.


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