Six Little Things to Do to Cure Boredom

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Boredom (n.) – lack of interest as to cause mental weariness.

Boredom is a horrible feeling. Simply sitting at home, on Saturday afternoons gazing at the ceiling is just really, really, unproductive, so here is boisson’s guide to achieving something, through, well, nothing at all, really (:

1. Do Something Constructive.

Write a Bukisa Article (duh), or try out MyLot, a social networking site where you’re paid to provide quality answers to discussions. Write that book you never wrote (: See if there’s anything in your house that you can stick into a garage sale or sell on Ebay.

2. Call Some Friends Over/Get to know your Neighbour

Personally, I would NOT like to know my neighbour – He stomps on the floor when he watches football games on the telly and gets hopelessly drunk. However, calling some friends over is one which most people often do when they try and stay away from the computer.

3. Exercise!

Go down to the gym and pump some iron (: The endorphins will give you a natural high in a while. Or, if that isn’t your thing, you could try going out for a cycle or a jog. Remember to stay hydrated! (:

4. Reading/Watching Films

If you search around you may find a few eBooks or pdf files, or a few torrents containing something exciting like the Blair Witch Project (yawn.) Still, making the effort to walk to your local HMV is part of the fun!

5. Computer Games

Only use this as a last resort – Some people like Runescape, Others like Driving Games. But if you’re really just going to play casually, I would highly recommend Kingdom of Loathing, which is a bit of a hybrid Role-playing game with Comedic value. Try it (: It can’t hurt. An Adventurer is you (;

6. Learn Something New

Many a time have I sat in front of Discovery Home and Health, bored and then switching it off, and wishing I knew what rosemary and batter was. Try cooking your own meals… or learning to knit… or learning a musical instrument (:

Who knows, you could even try out billiards or mahjong.


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