How to Save on your Entertainment Budget

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What exact do you and your family do often? This activity could be once a week, or once a month. Create a list of all of the activities that you come together and do alone, as a family, and a couple. Example activities could be going out to the movies, watching rented dvd, playing rented video games, theme parks, or eating out.

Create a schedule of the activities you would like to do for the entire month. Prepare this schedule prior to the month beginning. Look over lasts months receipts for your entertainment expenses. Use this as a guideline to how much you will realistically spend. Look for ways to save on tangible items that you rent or purchase. Join Netflix instead of renting movies in person. If you must rent in person, inquire about savings offers. Blockbuster allows you to rent unlimited dvds and games two at a time, for under thirty dollars. This is not as cheap as Netflix, but it offers substantial savings. You do not incur late fees, and can change your movie selection as many times as you would like. This is great for summer vacations,and anytime that you will be home more often.

Find a way to eat out at a discount within your budget. This could involve buying discounted gift certificates for your favorite restaurant. You may be able to change where dine. Eat where the specials are.If your children are small, they might enjoy visiting a fast food restaurant once a month with an indoor play land. McDonald’s offers a discoutned happy meal night. These specials usually require that the adults purchase a meal to get the savings.

Be on the look out for savings. Once you have learned where the sales and discounts are for entertainment, you can sometimes do more. Your same budget may allow you to eat for half price and pay for a babysitter. Using coupons, and store specials may improve your quality of entertainment. Always budget for at least one date night every week. This date can be at home, or at an inexpensive outing. Be creative, but do not avoid special time with your spouse due to finances.

Stick with the dollar amount on your budget. Tell your money, what it is going to do for you. Being strict on this part of your budget, can help the rest of your finances. REview your total budget often. Look for ways to continously save money. Empower your savings, and add them to your emergency fund or savings account.


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