What to do if There is Blood in your Cat’s Urine

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Even if your cat is perfectly litter trained, you may notice that she is in urinating in differ rent parts of the house. Since she can not talk, this may be her telling you that something is wrong. Instead of scolding her for her accident, check the area where she urinated in. If you notice there are drops of blood, she most likely is bleeding when she urinates. This is something serious and must call your vet as soon as possible. You would not put off calling the pediatrician if your son or daughter got sick, would you?

Blood in your cat’s urine is a sign of a serious condition called hematuria. This is not normal and if untreated can cause serious health issues for you beloved pet.

 There are many reasons why cats get hematuria. These include:

1. Stones in the urinary tract-When cats get a urinary tract infection, the stones can cause a total blockage in the Urethra. If this is let untreated, you cat will not be able to pass urine. She can experience symptoms such as vomiting and not wanting to eat. Since she is getting poisoned by her own toxins, she may even die from this.

2. Cancer-There is also, even though this is rare, that your cat may have bladder cancer.

3. Trauma from an accident-When you cat has any type of accident, even if she seems to be fine, you must bring her to the vet. By doing an e-ray, you vet can determine the health of your cat and know what treatments your cat may need.

4. Medicines-When you make that appointment with the vet, have a list of medicines and vitamins that you cat takes. By knowing this, he may be able to identify the root cause immediately.

Depending of the severity of the hematuria, the treatments vary from cat to cat. The vet can take an x-ray or analyze the urine to find the root cause of the infection and give the proper treatment. For example, if this is because of a bacterial infection, he would prescribe antibiotics. If your cat has stones, you may have to adjust her diet and increase the amount of water she drinks.

If you cat is suffering from stones in the Urethra and is not able to pas urine at all, you vet may have to perform a cauterization on her. This may require your cat to stay at the vet hospital for several days.




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