Is surgery safe for weight loss

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Is surgery safe for weight loss? There are some people who will consider surgery as an alternative for weight loss if they’re too heavy and they can’t get rid of their weight. This is the case with morbid obesity individuals. Surgery can be risky for certain individual and normal for certain individual. It will depend on your health status. The surgeon will tell you if you’re safe to have the surgery or not. There are many factors to consider when getting surgery such as your age, your illness, your health status and your need for weight loss. If you’re older and you have a severe illness, the surgeon might not approve your surgery. They will let you know if it’s safe or not. What are the factors that will make you a candidate for surgery?

Your age

If you’re younger than 35 then you’re a good candidate and if you’re older than 45 then you might not be such a good candidate. The older you are the more chances of post surgery complications you will get. Kayne West mother died after she had her surgery and it was over her illness and age. You might not heal as well as a younger person because of your age and your body health. If you’re too old, you might think about exercise and dieting rather than surgery.

Your health status

If you’re sick or currently ill, there is a big chance that you won’t get approve for the surgery. If you’re very healthy with no current illness or history of a long term illness then you might get approve.

Your weight

If you’re three hundred pounds overweight then they might consider you for surgery because you really need to take it off but if you’re only fifty pounds overweight, they might tell you to change your lifestyle and go from there.

Your past medical history

If you have never had a long term disease then you’re a good candidate. If you have a lot of long term disease or family history then you might not make a good candidate. It will depend on your history.

Your need for weight loss

If you are doing it for cosmetic reason, you might not qualify if you don’t have a lot to take off. They might worry about your health and they might tell you to change your lifestyles rather than doing surgery.

Is it safe for you?

They will qualify you if it’s safe overall. If you deem unsafe then they might not go with the surgery. Not everyone who wants surgery will qualify for surgery due to safety reasons.


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