Can the signs in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity map out the end of the world?

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Many different belief systems have their theory on what will bring the end of the world as we know it and many scientists have developed their own theories. The most common belief strucutures are considered the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Islam , and Chrisitainty. In Christianity Jesus give us signs to watch for to tell us the end is near, but the exact time is only known to God himself, he alone knows the exact second of the day and year. Mere mortals can only attempt to know the time by the signs that Jesus tells us to watch for (Matthew):

  • Wars and rumors of wars
  • Lovers of self and money
  • Increased ungratefulness, unholiest, and unloving
  • Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God
  • Famines in all parts of the world
  • Earthquakes frequency increases
  • Children’s disobedientance to parents
  • Great falling away from the church

Looking at the list above and watching the recent news it starts to make you wonder where we are in this one of the last prophecies Jesus spoke of to His Apostles. Like the Christians Islam also has signs that the end is near (Sura 21, 27, 43):

  • Muslims defeat Jews in battle.
  • Muslims and Christians unite to fight unbelievers together, and then Muslims turn on and defeat the Christians in battle.
  • It will be hard to tell men from women
  • Poor nations will compete with each other to build tall buildings in their cities
  • Women will out number men
  • Wealth will be widespread and corruption will be rampant
  • The worst people will be chosen as leaders.
  • Religious knowledge decreases

According to the Sanhedrin, Judaism’s signs include:

  • Truth is in short supply
  • Inflation will increase
  • Israel begins to be repopulated
  • Wise people will be hard to find
  • Jews will despair or redemption
  • The young will despise the old
  • Piety will be held in disgust
  • Jews will turn against Jews

These Abrahamic belief structures have this in common, tribulation, return or appearance of the Messiah, and final judgment. The exact time will not be known until it’s upon us at God’s choosing. Jesus once said we must diligent in our watch for him and not become complacent in our wait. What ever structures you follow do it with love for God or Allah.


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