Why Las Vegas job market need to change

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Las Vegas needs to give people a chance to work. I think Las Vegas is one of the most ridiculous states in the US because they won’t hire people at an entry level. There are so many casinos here and if they don’t give people a chance, how will we ever find work and build our experiences. It seems to me like we have to move out of states in order to build up experiences. The majority of the work force here is casino and hotel jobs. I wasted so much time driving for interviews and not getting the job. They expect you to have experiences but I was from out of town. How can I have experiences if I’m from out of town? I have to start somewhere.

The majority of people here need to start somewhere and not everyone will have experiences and a perfect record. Casinos here won’t hire you if you have a bad credit history and a criminal record. I can understand the criminal record but not the credit history. We all run into financial hardship and it’s not fair to tell us that we’re not qualified for a job because we don’t have a good credit history. We will have to work at 7-11 I guess but they won’t hire us. They won’t give us a chance. I don’t like their interviewing process either. It takes them three interviews to hire someone. I used to have only one interview or zero interviews in CA.

They don’t even interview you in some large company where they need a lot of people. In Vegas, the casino will always interview you three times before they hire you. You go through a lot of rigorous interviewing. It’s difficult but its Vegas. I don’t think it’s fair for the population here because we are sitting at home with no jobs and they need employees. They won’t give it to people who need a job. We have about ten years of relevant experience but they wont’ hire us. If someone was a business owner, don’t you think that they can do a customer service job? Of course they can but he casino think that they can’t which is a major disappointment.

I hope that the mayor do something about these unfair job practice here. They do a lot of things to keep people from working and surviving in tough times which is unfair. Why can’t they count our ten years of relevant experiences. How hard is it for someone to pick up the phone and greet a guess? I guess the casino think you need to be a genius in order to be their customer service agent. I hope that people in Vegas will continue to fight for more jobs offering because we deserve to get hire. It’s tough for families to survive in this economy because casinos with openings won’t hire them.


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