My living experiences in Las Vegas

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Living in Vegas is quiet. It’s peaceful here. I used to live in California but it was a mad house there. It’s much peaceful here in Vegas. There are not a lot of cultures or not a lot of crimes in certain area. It’s ashamed that you have to run away from other states over crimes. People here are better because in order to work in the casino they have to have a clean criminal record and a clean credit check. This is why the majority of criminals don’t live here. They have to live elsewhere. They can’t live here because they can’t find work here. The majority of people here have good credits and a clean criminal background.

It’s hard to find a job here. If you don’t live here you think that there is a lot of jobs but there isn’t a lot of casino that will accept people without experiences. They will only accept people with at least one year of experiences. This makes it difficult for people to find work if they don’t have any experience in hospitality. You can be going to many interviews but they won’t hire you because you don’t have experiences. If you don’t have experiences, you have to build up some experiences.

The police here don’t bother you that much. If you live near the strip they won’t bother you that much. They will bother you if you are doing illegal things of course or if someone calls on you. I’ve been here for awhile but the police here seem better than police in other states. The people here are into money. They work two or three jobs just for money. They are kind of into money here. They don’t party much or go out but they work a lot here. I guess people move here just to work or find an inexpensive house. It’s also a great getaway from the madness of all the other states. You don’t run into a lot of crowd issue here. People just mind their own business. It gets hot here in the summer time but other than that the weather is pretty cool all year round. The wind here is really loud. It’s a great place for those who are looking to save some money.


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