Five Sources of Caffeine

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Fight off sleep with a natural chemical boost.

1. Cocoa
this is where chocolate comes from. Eating 28 grams of regular milk chocolate bar will give you as much caffeine boost as decaf.

2. Coffee Beans

On the average, a single-shot espresso gives a caffeine kick of 40 mg, while strong drip coffee has about 100mg of caffeine.

3. Tea
A serving of tea has, on the average, half the caffeine of a serving coffee. Oolong and black tea generally contain higher amounts of caffeine than other teas.

4. Guarana

A shrub native to Brazil, guarana is an active ingredient in energy drinks because of the substantial amount of caffeine it carries. Generally, energy drinks boost you with 80 to 90 mg of caffeine.

5. Kola Nuts

cola is derived from Kola nuts, giving them a fair amount of caffeine. On the average, soft drinks can perk you up with 10 to 50 mg of caffeine per serving.


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