Five Things You Didn’t Know About H20

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It’s all good and crystal clear.

1. Interesting water-y things happen when our body metabolizes the things we eat. But while our bodies require about 10 cups of water for metabolism, it also makes half cup of water during the biological process.

2. We need about eight glasses of water, yes. But we also obtain about three and a half cups from the food that we eat.

3. Not all liquids you drink can make for the daily requirement of eight glasses. Milk, for instance, contains concentrated nutrients. This is why it is considered more as food than as drink.

4. Water plays a big role in weight loss. Drinking a glass of water an hour before meal helps you fill up faster. And fats will be hard to digest if you don’t have enough water in your body.

5. Water may be abundant. But it is not enough. According to statistics, a quarter of the world’s population is in shortage of safe drinking water.


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