Damage Control

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What to do when you accidentally drop your mobile phone into the glass of water.

1. Turn it off
Get it out of the water in 20 seconds or less. switch it off immediately and remove the battery. If you’re in the beach and salt water’s the culprit, sorry but you’ve got to prepare to retire the unit.

2. Take it off

Disassemble the phone. remove the SIM card, the battery, keypad mat, and casing. Pat the SIM card dry, and wipe the remaining parts with a dry cloth before setting it aside.

3. Dry it out
With a towel, remove excess water out of the phone. Use cotton buds to wipe try those tricky corners. Prepare a bowl of “uncooked rice”, place your phone in the bowl and leave it there. The dry rice will speed up the evaporation process. Don’t try and put the battery just yet.

4. Feel the heat
Applying heat will also help in the evaporation of moisture. Put it behind your CPU or your TV; use a blow dryer even. Apply heat for two days. Careful though, as air that is too hot can warp and distort stuff.

5. Evaporate
Place the phone and its parts in front of the AC or inside a ziplock and refrigerate. Hopefully, this will save your phone. But batteries will must probably be dead by then. Get a new one instead.


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