Can You Make A Full Time Income Online?

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Can you make a full time income online? This question has been asked many times. In short, the answer is yes, but there are many things to consider. It will take time and a lot of hard work to reach the full time income that you are looking for.

Quite a few people do make a full time income online. These people worked hard to reach this income. A full time income will not come overnight. It will take hard work from you, but it will be worth it in the end.

Things You Can Do To Earn A Full Time Income Online:

All of the following are free to join.


Most of you have probably heard of Ebay prior to reading this article. Ebay is a great place for you to sell items you have around your home that you no longer need, but there are other ways for you to find items to sell for a profit.

  • Research items on Ebay, and see what sells.
  • Shop yard sales, second hand stores, Flea markets, and discount stores for items that you can sell for a profit.

If you have access to a phone with internet connection, it can be very helpful with finding items value. Learning the items that will get you a profit may take some time, but it can greatly increase you profit.

Writing Online:

Many sites online that allow you to write articles on different topics, and they pay you for it. With most of these sites, they pay you for views you get on your article. If you choose a well-searched topic, and learn to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can get a great deal of views. You can also promote your articles in different ways, but I will explain that later in this article.

Before joining any online writing site, read the terms and conditions. This will give you an idea of what the site is looking for, how they pay, and ensure that you are following there guidelines. Each site will be different. You must have a PAYPAL account to receive payment from most of these sites.

Sites you can write for:

Ehow-On this site you write short How To articles on different topics. They have there own pay algorithm, but pays well.

Bukisa-Bukisa allows you to write on any subject. At this time, they have one of the best pay per view available. They pay more than $3 per 1000 views. You will also be paid for referring people.

Associated Content-Associated Content pays up front for some articles and per view for all articles. They also allow you to write on any subject.

Xomba-Xomba is a site that pays through Google Adsense account to receive payment. You can write articles on any subject, or blurbs to promote your websites or blogs. They pay you 50% of the Adsense revenue that they receive. You will also be paid for referring people.


Most of you have probably blogged in one way or another, if not it is very simple. You can sign up for free blogs on sites like Blogger. Blogs pay through sources such as Google Adsense.

Niche blogs are one of the most profitable. You will choose one topic, and blog about it. If you choose a good topic, you can get many views. The more views you receive the more of a possibility that they will click on your ads.

Survey Sites:

Numerous survey sites allow you to read emails and complete surveys for money. These sites will not give you a full time income on there own, but they are a great addition to other income sources. I spend less than a minute a day on a couple of sites, and make about $80 every three months.

Survey sites:

Inboxdollars-Emails and Surveys

Sendearnings-Emails and Surveys

My Survey-Surveys and product testing

Diversify To Reach Your Full Time Income Online:

I have provided you with numerous resources to reach your full time income, make use of them. You will need to diversify your earnings to maximize them. If you are making $40 a month from one site it does not sound like much. If you are earning $40 a month from numerous sources, it will add up. Believe me $40 is not the most you can make from one source.

Promote What You Do:

Promoting is a big part of earning a full time income. Most of the above sites will pay you additional for referring other members. If you promote these sites, you will begin to get referrals, and earn from them. Never spam people, or you may be suspended from these sites.

Promoting your articles and blogs will also increase your traffic. One of the best ways to build your earning potential from these sources is to create backlinks to them. Backlinks are counted by sites that link back to your article or blog.

Sites to use for promoting:

SheToldMe-Post your link and a brief description. (Earn money with Google Adsense)

StumbleUpon-Post a link to your article or blog

Xomba-Post your link to your article or blog, and provide a brief description. (Earn money with Google Adsense)

Digg– Post your link to your article or blog, and provide a brief description

These are just a few of many sites that allow you to promote your articles and blogs. You can also promote your own web site on these.

I have given you a few resources that you can use to earn a full time income online. These are not the only options. Continue to do research, and learn new ways of earning money online. It will take time to reach your full tome income goal, but keep working.

These are all ways for you to earn a full time income online, and they do not cost anything to start. It only takes time, determination, and hard work. Most of the options above will help you continue to earn for years to come.


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