Soul’s Sexual Music Determines/Decides Unmitigated Choice of Partners

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Transcendent Tones: Our Soul’s Sexuality

All human beings are attracted to, fascinated by and most especially unconsciously responsive to music. Our innate music is distinctly unfathomably sexual in nature. It drives us to the people we are to be involved with. Music will not lead us astray, ever. Our most intimate relationships (whether brief or long) are governed, swayed, influenced and determined by the compulsory attracting tune of our indelibly ingrained music.   The resounding sensual transcendent tones dictate a path not unlike a precise marked laser beam unseen by the naked eye. The ones (mates) for us are governed and dictated by that unquestionable lyrical sound. (Tones, inflections rhythm, style, harmony, chords, beats, cadences, crescendos, etc)  We are driven by and geared toward specific sexual musical avenues of divine experience (intercourse) in the unlikely unexpected expression of our erotic interactions as surely as one breathes oxygen in order to stay alive. Unearthed sounds of blistering bliss resonate from the bottomless depth of one’s feet in search of the unreachable partner in our sensuous sexual footing.

The form of flesh (human being) in which appears to subdue/ arouse/encase us will certainly confuse as we try to uncover discernable reasons for the onslaught of tantalizing attraction. The things we do and the things we avoid when at first getting in involved continue to amaze/amuse and ameliorate.  But, try as we must, we will never satisfy the incessant urge to press onward into boulevards of inescapable unexplained embarrassing/awkward passionate activity which most often times leads to opening realms of unimaginable sexual opportunity/experience/memories.

Without knowing or comprehending the complexity involved, music is mathematically structured in a way that seems implausible to any who would not make a committed study of it. The result far exceeds the beauty contained but not in the way one suspects.  That which appears to be existent, in fact, results in the very opposite of the apparent reality it sustains. So are the attractions in human beings controlled and cajoled by and through the sexual musical stirrings resonated in the core of their beings.  The concept of order instilled throughout structured harmony is fraught with inestimable chaos. That which appears to be the most still is the most vibrant. This undeniable confirmation mockingly stares us all in the face as the ineffable relationship riddle (physical attraction) to be solved. The sexuality of music can not be denied.  It is vibrantly primal in its overwhelming illusive stimulating expression. It draws and subdues like a fluted cobra.

When we consider the overwhelming ineffectual ability to withstand the incurable draw of sexuality buried in music, how then do we establish and maintain our lies, accusations, recriminations, deceptions, and ridiculous postulations to support our prefabricated views regarding the reasons we attract one another?  Or why we stay involved or leave? The music of one’s erotic soul can not be resisted or denied. And, by not venturing any further than what is necessary to sustain our current modes of preferred sense of security in our relationships, we shrivel while the music in fades to a monotonous droll. By refuting this understated sexual musical reality, nothing but a subterfuge of confusion, anger and resentment will continue long after the involvement is over.

We are innately guided to the sphere of celestial unconquerable perfectly orchestrated union in our sexual involvements. When the soul’s music is right between us, it moves us beyond all calculation or definition. We are at the mercy of its deliberate beckon call. No need to fight the inevitable. We must accept the possibility of following like a Blind Love Slave to our appointed destiny.  But, instead of investigating the possibility, we argue. Instead of studying, we defend outdated moral ideas simply because that’s how we were taught. Instead of embracing totally new enlightened theories, we balk at their ridiculous presumptions. We seek in vain to contrive and control our involved worlds based on faulty cherished ideas of desired selfish conviction. Yet, unions break apart while mysterious unobvious relationships join and in the meantime hurt, blame and guilt are cast, harshly.

However, the sacred music within will not be placated by terminal condolences. We must eventually answer the call of the inward dominating tone of unmistakable sexual truth that resides within.  We will not be able to stifle its inexplicable sensations of erotic lustful sounds of sublime surrender. We were born with an exact tune playing endlessly of which nothing, nobody or no thing can gratify except that which it was written for. The song of the soul is perilous, ruthless and undoubtedly unashamedly pure! There is an inexorably uniquely defined law of music which maintains the actions of the sexual human organism. Without its subversive melody and chord structure, we would dissolve into the ethers. Remember: Nothing about us is calm.  Nothing in our nature is accepting or placid. The very thought that we open our eyes in this dimension of reality is a rebellious act of defiance. We are in constant revolt in order to live. We are inherently consumed with the musical notation resonating in every breath thrust on/through us.

We maintain a subtle indifference to everything, though it will take light years for us to ever voice that truth with conviction.  We vibrate to a matchless ubiquitous sacred sexual sound which disintegrates the moment we recognize it. We don’t find the answers to our supposed problems regarding relationships because we ask the wrong questions. We seek to be satisfied by another tune.  We expect to attract while not singing our song.  The harmonious song offered is received as inharmonious because we add our predetermined interpretation to it.  In other words, we expect something else. When the dissonant cadences appear, we interpret them as our being denied or having to wait unnecessarily, instead of the melodious song structure leading us to the next rapturous measure. . Becoming disappointed and/or impatient, we cast aside the non-ceasing melodious sensuous luring sensation in exchange for futile time-wasting energy. We   exhaust ourselves in a ridiculous half-hearted unmotivated unstirred passionate attempt to dance to the music of another’s music.

Instead of ‘paying attention’ to the inert directional meaning attached in the temporal cessation of the unerring sacred sexual sound, we jump to senseless irrational conclusions which in no way deflect its inherent impression. We grow frantically depressed, pushing seething anger beneath a surface of ‘accepting docility.’ If we would but recognize, relate, appreciate and assimilate the ‘dry spots’ in our lives, with the same reverence we so easily/eagerly assign and extend to fervent apparent bountiful occasions, a creatively obvious orchestrated sensual erotic benevolence would reverberate exponentially.

Creative artistic expression is directly linked to the freedom expressed in our copious sexual nature.  Music explores, liberates and releases this undomesticated sacred energy! Without its immeasurable expression, we, along with our attracting ability, withers, shrivels and shrinks like water soaked hands.  Our innate soul will do with us as she wills according to the rhythmic pattern of pleasure filled destiny desired/ordered. We can do no better than surrender to the hypnotically enticing tempo and follow inherent suit in the ‘natural and convenient’ musical pattern of sexual rhythm exercised.


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