Super Cheap Treadmills

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Most people have the same New Year`s resolution…losing some weight! However, many people think that buying a treadmill is too expensive and that is simply not true. There are lots of places to find great deals on treadmills and models and brands that offer the luxury of using a treadmill, at a budget price.

Buying a treadmill might be closer than you think! There are lots of budget friendly treadmills that offer superb quality at excellent deals. You can buy these machines from any sports store that carries exercise machines. A treadmill is a nice way to keep walking, jogging and walking while staying in the comfort of your own home.

The Temp Evolve Fold Away Treadmill is an excellent choice for a nice price. It offers an ultra compact folding ability and stores away using hardly any space. It requires no assembly and its 1.25 chp motor is quiet and runs smooth. It can get up to 10kph and offers lots of speeds for walking or running. It has two features perfect for getting into shape, weight loss and manual mode. It has a durable metal frame and a nice LED window for viewing of important work-out information; it also has minimal motor and belt noise.

The Sportcraft Treadmill is a fully motorized system. IT is compact and has speeds up to 8mph. It has three manual settings and inclines levels. A LED screen displays calories, speed and distance. It is foldable and offers a lifetime warranty.

Another great bargain treadmill is the Horizon CT 7.1 Treadmill. It offers you a 2.25 CHP motor that is fast and powerful and yet quiet. It allows you to use your MP3 player by offering you an output with speakers. Two four digit LED screens give you lots of important information at once about your work-out session. A cool fit fan allows you to cool while you`re working out. This treadmill gets you up to 12mph and offers you a perfect flex system for extra cushioning and support with shocks for absorption.

The Bladez 5.9T Treadmill is a nice one for the price tag. It gives you 1.75hp for a great workout without lots of noise. This machine folds down for easy storage and sets back up with one hand control. It has an Act flex shock absorption system designed to cater to your weight and size. Safe Drop folding technology allows for safe floor storage. A personal cooling fan keeps you refreshed while you use your treadmill. It also offers a full metal frame for added support and comfort.

With the idea of purchasing a treadmill for a budget price there is no excuse why you can`t get one. Many people know that when they have a treadmill in their home, that they can make time to exercise by rearranging their home life schedule. There is certainly more flexibility in working out at home, because you can do it before work or late at night and not even has to leave home.

The idea of being able to store a treadmill away makes buying one even more appealing. For many people the idea of having space for one is enough to sway them in the other direction. But just knowing that you can simply fold it and tuck it under a bed, allows people the freedom to get one without having to have a huge basement or family room to put it in.

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