Self-Awareness – Empowering A Better You!

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Self-awareness consists of digging deep into yourself and discovering why you feel and do the things that you do. Often finding out what makes you tick, can help to make positive changes about yourself in the future. A confident person is usually someone who understands themselves and accepts all that they are about.

Creating self-awareness can happen at any age. Sometimes kids are so intuitive that they can achieve it at a young age as they discover who they are. It can also happen as an adult as they search out the answers to their life. Many times it happens a few times in someone`s life, as they take a break to pause and reflect on who they are and who they have become.

As life goes by so quickly it is often easy to lose track of where you always wanted to go in life. Perhaps you always saw yourself with four kids and a trailer on the beach. But you realize at a certain point that family hasn`t been your recent focus. Sometimes it is a good idea to reflect on your past to see how you got in the place you ended up. And ask yourself if you`re happy there. Maybe you always dreamed about something but now realize that it wasn`t really where you wanted to go. Sometimes life twists and changes with you as you grow.

Learning how you behave might create some self-acceptance. This is a good time to ask you some personal questions. Are you a shy person? Do you get critical with people all the time? Are you an angry person? Do you have lots of friends? Often a shy adult will always wish that they were more outgoing. Because if they were, they might have some more friends. Often a shy adult is the result of a serious of childhood events. It could be genes, the result of critical and non-accepting parents, bullying from peers, the non-acceptance from peers, or perhaps the moving around as a kid that never allowed you to plant roots. With all of these background points to consider, it is normal that they might become a shy person.

The key is to accept past events and accept the fact that you are a shy person. There is nothing wrong with it. Perhaps addressing this issue might help you think about how you can make friends regardless. Sometimes being a thinker, writing ideas down and planning can help you achieve your personal goals. If you are a critical person, you can reflect about why you think you might be this way. Was it because of a critical upbringing? Or are you critical because you are defensive or just don`t know how to say something nice? Sometimes there is a deeper meaning behind something, that when thought about can bring about some great changes.

Learning about yourself through reflection can empower you to become a better person. Self-reflection involves thinking about all of the things that make you happy, sad, and scared, mad and so on. Thinking about emotions and what can trigger these feelings might be just the thing to learn about who you are. It is also important to think about all of the things that you like about yourself and the things you would like to change. And think about weather things are the result of your view or the view of others. Self-awareness involves understanding and accepting yourself for who you are.

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