How to Make Butter in a Jar

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Step One: Go to the store and purchase some heavy whipping cream (in the dairy section). Buy as much cream as you want butter, as only a small amount will be butter-milk, the by-product of butter making. If you don’t already have some on hand, you can also buy some salt and whatever you would like to put into your butter to flavor it. Dill, for instance, is a good one.

Step Two: Get a clean glass jar with a lid, about pint sized. A recycled one is fine as long as the lid fits tightly and it has been well sanitized. A canning jar also works great.

Step Three: Leave the cream out till it about room temperature. You can start from cold cream, but it makes the whole process take way longer.

Step Four: Get the family/class together for a quick project, and put on some bouncy dance music, because you are going to shake it, and shake it hard.

Step Five: Fill the jar almost to the top with the cream and screw the lid on tightly.

Step Six: Boogie baby, shaking the jar non-stop. Pass it around to different dancers as they get tired. You will see the butter start to form in about thirty minutes. It will pull away from the glass in a definite cream.

Step Seven: You can stop here and stir in a pinch of salt, or eat it as is, or add a little dill or some other herb. Taste and experiment! This will leave the butter milk mostly still in the mix, and makes a very creamy, spreadable butter. You may have to pour off some of the butter milk that separates out after refrigeration.

Step Eight: If you wish for a harder butter, keep on shaking until a lump of butter forms in the jar, surrounded by butter milk.

Step Nine: Scoop out the butter into a container with a lid and refrigerate, if you are not eating immediately. You can pour off the buttermilk and drink it, but I can’t recommend it. Not to my own taste, but my grandmother loved it.

Step Ten: Homemade bread goes great with homemade butter and with some homemade chokecherry


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