How to start quitting smoking

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Smoking is harmful and you can end up with lung cancer when you’re older. I’ve seen many lung cancer patients dying in the hospital and it’s a reality. People don’t think that it can happen to them but it will. Smoking will make you look older if you’re woman you don’t want to look older. Smoking will give you lungs and breathing problems. Smoking will cost you a lot of money. Smoking can cause bad breath and yellow teeth. Smoking can increase your chances of high blood pressure. Smoking doesn’t have any health benefit and it’s time to quit. It’s detrimental to your health. Its fun but its poor for your health.

How do you start quitting? You have to know why you want to quit. You can think of quitting as a way to improve your health. Quitting smoking will improve your health. You will have better health and might not end up with lungs cancer. The body heals itself over time if you quit early enough. You still have the chance for good health. If you quit now, you can still save your health.

You have to wean yourself slowly off of smoking. If you go cold turkey, you will crave. It’s not a good idea to avoid it all together the next day. You have to give it time. You have to give it at least a month before you can move on from smoking. You can cut down the number of cigarettes per day. For example, you can go from two packs a day to one pack a day. You can go from one pack to half a pack and then half a pack to a quarter of a pack. You can go down to one and then to zero. You can replace smoking with drinking coffee. You will get caffeine in coffee so it can quench your craving for caffeine. Coffee is less harmful because it’s not smokes. You can also wear patches to help you quit smoking.


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