How to protect yourself from STD

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STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are very common nowadays. It’s a concern that the health department gives out free test from home in major cities like LA and Baltimore. People can send in samples to see if they’re infected with an STD. This is because many people don’t go to get a testing. They don’t have the money or they don’t care. They end up passing it around to other people too. They get more severe symptoms as time goes by because they don’t get it fix. I’ve had friends who don’t even get tested when the symptoms are obvious. I saw spider eyes in one of my friends and that’s when you have a whole bunch of STD in your body. His eyes look like spider web, it was awful looking and he didn’t even go to get it tested. He was a young person in his early twenties. Young people don’t really understand STD or even take the time to get it tested which is awful.

It’s important to protect yourself against STD at all time. There is a lot of illness going around and all it takes is one time for you to get infected. I read on the news that one of the famous actress in Hollywood is about to get married to a famous actor with HIV. They just found out which is horrible news. There are HIV positive people out there who don’t know that they have the disease. You can’t tell if someone has HIV. You can only tell if they tell you. Sometimes they don’t even know that they have Aids. It’s an end stage disease meaning you will pass away one day because they don’t have a cure for it or a vaccine for it yet but hopefully they will have that in the future. They only have treatment but it’s expensive to get all of those medications.

How do you protect yourself against STD? You can protect yourself against STD by using protection at all time and staying in a monogamous relationship. It’s best to stay with one partner instead of multiple partners. The more you date the more chances of contracting HIV. You have to know your partner before you sleep with them. You can ask them a question to see how many partners they’ve had and if they have any diseases. You’ve heard about one night stand on Craig list that ends up with HIV. People who go online to look for partners are more prone to HIV. It’s important to check out the health of your partner before you sleep with them. If they’re sick they will look different or they will be tired most of the time. They might have red spots growing out of their bodies. They might smell in the private area. They might have a current infection going on. They get sick easily or weekly. All of those things can give you clues to see if they’re sick or not.
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