How to start with prenatal care

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Prenatal care is very important. It’s the best thing that a mother can give to their baby. It will also be lifetime regret if you did not get adequate prenatal care. If you’re pregnant you will need to get prenatal care as soon as your first week of being pregnant. Even if you make a mistake during the first month, it might be detrimental to your baby’s health. There are some mothers that will get prenatal care and then some aren’t sure what prenatal care is all about. The young population is the ones that don’t focus on prenatal care.

The older population will focus more on prenatal care. It’s not a hard thing to do but some people just ignore it. If you ignore it for one time, it will be a lifetime burden. You will have many hospitals bills and you will be disappointed at yourself and you will owe it to your babies. I’ve seen enough when I used to work in the babies department at the hospital. There were a lot of babies with birth defects due to alcohol and drugs use. The mother spends endless nights and days at the hospital to spend time with their babies. There are some babies that will not live pass 5 years old. It must be disappointing to be a mother of those babies. One drink or cigarettes can destroy your child’s health. How do you get started?

Get to the doctor

Once you know that you’re pregnant, you should get to the doctor right away. You should let them know that you’re pregnant and then they will let you know what you can and can’t do. Usually the doctor is the best person to consult when you’re seeking prenatal care. There are also many clinics out there that have prenatal care with nurses and nurse practitioner. You will let the doctor know that you want to get prenatal care session. There is free prenatal care session in each town too such as Planned Parenthood. There are usually a lot of session at the local hospital too.

Follow their recommendations

You should follow your doctor’s recommendations. You will prevent a lot of problems if you follow their recommendations. You should also ask them about your current medications because they will tell you to stop taking them during your pregnancy. If you have an illness like diabetes, you might need to take your medication or any other diseases. You will need to ask your doctor about all medication usage during pregnancy because it’s not safe to take any medication at all during pregnancy even though you might need to take it. It might be detrimental to your baby’s health. Only a doctor can tell you what you can and can’t take. You may take some vitamins but your doctor will talk to you in regards to those topics.

Don’t smoke and drink

These are the golden rules during pregnancy. You can’t smoke or drinks your pregnancy. It might cause child birth defects. One smoke or drink is all it takes. You should avoid it until after your pregnancy if you’re a regular drinker or smoker. I’ve seen mothers who go to nightclub during their third trimester and I don’t think it’s a good idea because they’re exposed to drinks and cigarettes.

Avoid contaminated food and water

Contaminated food and water can cause problems for your fetus. You should not eat or drink food when traveling if you’re pregnant. You should not drink water that is from parks or lakes because there is a high chance of E.coli contamination and other contamination.


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