Can you really trust doctors

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Doctors can make mistakes too. They can give you the wrong diagnoses and you will suffer as a result of their mistakes. There are many times when patients were wrongly diagnosed. The doctors said that they have cancer but the patients didn’t have cancer. There was one doctor in my community who said that a patient had cancer and she open up the patient and then close it for a large sum of money. She knew that the patient didn’t have cancer. It was unethical and she was caught but that’s only because the patient caught on to her plan.

If the patient believes in her, she wouldn’t be in trouble at all. I guess they took her license away or revoke it but I think that she was unethical. There are many unethical doctors out there and you shouldn’t trust them. I personally had several doctors’ friends and I know that you can’t trust them. They are a doctor by day and a drunken alcoholic by night. They might come in to work drunk sometimes. At least that was the case with one of my doctor friend. They are promiscuous and they don’t really care that much anyway. They were little psychotics at time too. One of my doctor friends was abusive and insulting. They can be abusive and insulting. They are just like any other person except that they make more money.

Nowadays I look at doctors as the money maker and not the caring or truthful doctors that they should be. I knew a lot of doctors who were acting like little kids. They call you names and blackmail you. They come into the office the next day all drunk or at least half drunk. It’s a big possibility that they can be another crook. Doctors can be crooks at the same time. You should watch out for your treatment and double check on them all the time. It’s the best thing to do. We have seen doctors who are addicted to drugs. We have seen doctors who practice without a license. There are all sort of problems with doctors too so you shouldn’t put all of your faith in them.


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