How to file your taxes online

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You can do your tax online nowadays instead of doing it in person. There are many tax services online so you don’t have to go in person and they’re free too which is the best part. If you do it in person, it will be around $20. There is some limitation online of course. You won’t get to make as much deductions as you want. There isn’t the slot for it. They’re pretty straightforward online. They won’t allow little extra stuff here and there. If you have a big business, it’s better to do it in person. If you just have a small personal return then you can do it online. It’s not that hard. You will need all of your W-2 paperwork in order to file online. They will ask all the information that appears on a paper return so you will need all of your income information and employers’ information.

There are many websites available online for taxes. You can try Turbo Tax, Defile, HR block, and easy file. You can do a goggle search and many companies will come up. It’s important to go with well known companies for smoother transaction. I did mine with Turbo Tax and I got my refund within a week which is fast. I got my refund and everything was smooth. I just have one problem and that was I couldn’t make as much deductions as a paper return. They only gave me one or two options. If it was a paper return, I would have had more returns. If you have a lot of deductions, online preparation might not be the best choice. I suggest that you do it in person or at home with a paper application.

At a tax preparation site, they will ask you to enter all the required information into the slots. You just need to answer the questions with numbers or code and then you’re done. It’s very simple. The software is so simple that it can be understood by kids. They ask small questions in little step. It’s easy to use and self-explanatory. They ask about your employer, last year’s tax ID, gross income, deductions, family sizes and all else. You can give it a try for free with a personal return. They do have return for businesses and investors.


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