How To Choose The Right Paint

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The following article will assist you in determining what the best paint for your project is. Some of the major brands of interior paint are Ace, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Olympic and Valspar. There are designer paints such as Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren. Prices range from $15.00 on up to $55.00 a gallon.

First you need to make a decision as to whether you want a flat, low luster or semi-gloss sheen. Much of this depends on the room in your home you are painting as well as the condition of the walls. Semi-gloss paint works well in kitchens as well as other rooms and spaces which get a lot of use and traffic. This type of paint is especially easy to wipe marks or fingerprints from the walls.

Flat paint is the dullest and is one of the best at hiding wall imperfections, however it is the easiest ones to stain and is difficult to clean with a wet cloth. You should use this type of sheen when painting living rooms, dining rooms, and other rooms that don’t get used a lot.

Low-luster paint which is also referred to as egg-shell and satin, has a slight sheen to it and is good when painting walls in family rooms, children’s bedrooms and hallways.

Semi-gloss paint is shinier and usually does best in kitchens and bathrooms. This type of paint also does well on baseboards and is very easy to clean. Semi-gloss paint looks better on smooth and well prepared walls since the shine can show imperfections more.


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